The Voice of Russia: Obama’s Birth Certificate “May Be Forgery”

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Unpopular ObamaOn the Rodger Hedgecock Show, Joe Arpaio said the probable fraud of the Obama birth certificate was the “Biggest Censorship Blackout in US History.”

Appearing on the Dennis Miller Show, Lord Christopher Monckton, former policy adviser to Margaret Thatcher didn’t believe Barack Obama’s was a citizen. Monckton explained the Obama birth certificate was ‘plainly a forgery’.

“The USA is the number one nation in the world. Americans sh0uld focus on integrity, morality and piety as our Founding Fathers established. Turning to God is what brings American exceptionalism,” thinks a Charismatic pastor.

Americans are concerned. Over 140 million Americans doubt Obama’s birth certificate. “While Congress, the courts and ‘mainstream news’ aren’t protecting the USA, even the Voice of Russia reports more accurately and says Obama’s birth certificate fraud is likely by saying it ‘may be a forgery’,” says a political analyst.

“Pastors believe taking God out of government, and abortion, greed, sexual and homosexual sins have led to corruption in government (Nehemiah 9:32-38, Deuteronomy 28, Leviticus 26),” says an interdenominational pastor.


“As a consequence, key pastors are endorsing Rick Santorum for President. Santorum has proven to be the most upright person running and most importantly will include God and Christian integrity in government,” he says.


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