Ron Paul: Get Government out of Healthcare

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Rep. Ron Paul says get government out of healthcare in his Ron Paul June 25, 2012 weekly Texas Straight Talk message. Paul explains in his message that he hopes the expected decision from the U.S. Supreme Court this week about Obamacare will be found unconstitutional.

Paul says doctor patient sensitivities and confidentialty has been corrupted and destroyed by third-party intermediaries.

Paul cited Gabriel Vidal who says, “Obamacare will make matters worse, because costs are out of control because they do not reflect prices created by the voluntary exchange between patients and providers.”

“Our system now resembles socialism. Fewer young people will seek to practice and fewer trained foreigners will want to come to America to practice medicine with Obamacare,” Paul says in the Ron Paul June 25, 2012 message.

There is a move driving for a single payer government healthcare system which will is ruining the industry,” Paul says. “America needs a free-market system,” he concludes.


Obamacare is unfair and should be found unconstitutional,” says a Evangelical pastor. “Americans should demand that Ron Paul be President, he will reduce the size of government, cut the deficit by $1 Trillion, and restore American freedoms by opposing NDAA. Obama and Romney do not love Jesus and follow His teachings, theywill not help America at all,” he adds.

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