Police Kicked Off for No Search Warrant to Raid Garage Sale

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San Jose police who apparently violated the Fourth Amendment rights of law abiding citizens in attempting to interfere in a garage sale held on private property were video taped and quickly had to retreat to the curb by informed citizens who stood up for their rights.

The San Jose police officers were stopped in their tracks as garage sale owners demanded to see a search warrant and a supervisor. The SJPD had no search warrant to raid the garage sale.

On the video, the police officers said several times that there was a report that the garage sale operators were selling guns, and that the police had a right to check it out, Infowars reports.

After a cursory check of the display tables and Airsoft BB guns the police quickly retreated to the curb as the garage sale operator promised to file a complaint against the police for violating their Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.

“It’s fascinating to see the police try to behave according to the U.S. Constitution, although they searched anyway,” says a college professor. “America’s Founding Fathers were very wise and relied on their past experiences to envision a framework of federal laws that would best govern the USA and protect its citizens,” he adds.


“Many savvy Americans who get it are voting for Ron Paul or Virgil Goode to protect our Constitutional rights,” says an Evangelical pastor. “Obama and Romney oppose the Constitution and American freedom,” he asserted.

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