Effort to Disarm America is Underway: UN Treaty

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anti-UNAn anti-USA effort to disarm America is underway and noted in UN Treaty. Mr. Obama says he will sign the treaty; the US Senate will have to ratify for the treaty for it to be in fully enforceable in the USA.

“The UN has unleashed a great Trojan Horse that calls upon States to enact national legislation sufficient to meet the minimum goals outlined in this treaty,” Infowars reports.

“The problem is that the UN Treaty contains language that appears to promote peace in an international world by preventing genocide, but instead puts the onus on the USA to establish ‘national control systems’ that satisfy the terms of the Treaty,” says an international trade representative.

“We must elect Ron Paul or Virgil Goode for President and get rid of evil ‘Obamacare’. Obama and Romney are both bad. Obamney and Romneycare oppose Americans,” said an independent voter.

Ezekiel 22:26-29 teaches that corruption like ‘Obamacare’ is the fault of lukewarm pastors who don’t teach God’s Word. “Joel Osteen, Pat Robertson, Tony Perkins, Richard Land, Jerry Falwell Jr, TD Jakes and Franklin Graham all misled Americans by teaching against Scripture to vote for Muslims or Mormons. God is upset with the USA. It is obvious. We must repent of all sin including the Mormon cult and Romney. Find faithful pastors who stick to God’s Word and teach to vote for Christians so the USA will be healed. If you pray with all your heart, you will find faithful true pastors,” said a church accountant.

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