Tea Party Opposes California Proposition 31

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Tea PartyThe East Bay Tea Party (EBTP) is hereby formally registering its strong opposition to the November 2012, California Proposition 31 ballot initiative.  This flawed initiative attempts to address the state’s dysfunctional budget process through various changes to the state constitution.   The East Bay Tea Party stands for smaller government, less taxes and a return to constitutional principles. This proposition violates those principles and therefore cannot be supported by the East Bay Tea Party.

“This proposition is an assault on personal liberty, property rights and local government control of our communities! We support free markets and equal justice. This proposition uses the UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development 3 E’s (Economy, Equity and Environment) violating those principles.” says Heather Gass, property rights advocate and founder of the East Bay TEA Party.

The title and summary are misleading and do not represent the true nature of this proposition. At first glance, the title “Government for Performance and Accountability” sounds great and can hardly be argued against. The title is meant to deceive the masses into voting for this proposition by appealing to their concern over the corruption and incompetence in California state government. Furthermore, the summary definition leads one to believe that this proposition is only about budget reform and will bring much needed transparency to government while giving Californians value for their tax dollars.

However, upon reading the full text this proposition is laden with deceptive language and the true nature of the proposition is revealed. Although there are others, the EBTP’s main objections to this proposition are:

  1. It amends the California Constitution and creates a “Super” Council that will oversee all levels of govt. Corruption cannot be fixed by adding a new layer of bureaucrats. Who will hold this  group accountable?
  2. This bill takes away the 2/3 majority currently needed to pass a state budget.
  3. It calls for the institutionalization of the UN Agenda 21 “3 E’s”
    1. Economy  = Private/Public Partnerships and PLAs will replace free markets
    2. Equity = Social and Environmental justice and the redistribution of wealth will be mandatory instead of Equal Justice
    3. Environment = Climate Change, Species, Habitat and false science will be used as an excuse to regulate and control the citizens of California.

    4. The “Super” Council will measure the “Performance and Accountability” of every government entity against the UN Agenda 21 3 E’s. The Council will have the ultimate power to make or stop a local jurisdiction from doing anything based this proposition.

The East Bay Tea Party is calling on ALL California citizens to vote NO and especially ALL California Tea Party and conservative groups to actively oppose this proposition!

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