Ron Paul Nominated for President in Tampa, GOP Changed Rules

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Ron Paul was to be nominated for President in Tampa, but the GOP unjustly changed the rules.

“This GOP rule change is unethical. Americans see that Mitt Romney and the GOP are Stalin-like and filled with corruption by their own actions,” said a businessman.

The GOP rules said that five states can nominate Ron Paul for President. Ron Paul had more than five states to be nominated for President and an excited, growing base of American freedom supporters who Ron Paul for President.

Then the GOP changed the rules at the last minute to cheat Ron Paul, his delegates and Americans.

Romney and the GOP changed the nominating states to eight states this last week, the Las Vegas Sun reported.


Nevada, Iowa, Oregon, Minnesota, Alaska and the Virgin Islands nominated Ron Paul for President. It is likely other states would have but there has been RNC corruption in many ways.

“We are trying to let the country and world know what is going on hear. When you hear from Ron Priebus that everything is hunky dory in party unity and you know what really went on in those meetings… nothing could be further from the truth,” said Cynthia Kennedy, a Republican delegate upset with the Romney corruption.

“I believe Ron Paul is nominated for President in Tampa. Americans should challenge the GOP and their unethical rule changes. There is  a big difference for Americans. Ron Paul gives freedom and will cut the debt. However, Romney is like Obama and wants to take away freedom – including to put Americans in jail without a trial – and increase the debt,” said an Independent voter.

Pastors explain that corruption happens when a nation sins against God, and that national repentance brings God’s blessings and healing to a nation. (Deuteronomy 28, Nehemiah 9:32-38, Leviticus 26) One of the greatest sins is voting for ungodly people like Romney and Obama, instead of Christians like Ron Paul. (2 Chronicles 19:2, Galatians 1:9, Exodus 18:21)

“We are not here to disrupt… We are here to represent the state of Nevada,” said Wiselot Rouzard a Nevada Republican delegate questioning why the “mainstream media” unfairly picked on Ron Paul supporters. The media overlooks that Romney blasphemes Jesus Christ in the Mormon cult and thinks that Christians are inferior.

“The Maine Governor boycotted the RNC because Romney and Republicans unfairly removed Ron Paul Maine delegates and put in Romney delegates. There is a lot of RNC corruption being reported. Maybe Ron Paul will come back and be President because of all the corruption?” said a Tea Party activist.

Attorney Richard Gilbert says Romney is disqualified for felony. Watch video.

Pastor Steven Andrew calls Republicans to nominate Christian Ron Paul, not Mormon cult leader Mitt Romney. Seven convincing reasons are given to think about why people like Ron Paul so much.


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