How many Christians in USA? Christians Outnumber Others 4:1

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Cross USA FlagHow many Christians are in the USA? The latest polls show that between 73 to 77 percent of the USA says they are Christians. This means that Christians outnumber all others combined almost 4:1.

In 2012 polls: Rasmussen Reports found that 77 percent of Americans believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God Who came to earth and died for our sins. Pew reports 73% saying they are Christians.

To show how little things like Hinduism, Muslim and Buddhism are, they average about 0.6 percent. Some a bit more, others less, but all less than one percent.

Pastors blame the lukewarm “seeker sensitive church” for declines in Christians in the USA. “If pastors would teach what Jesus said and make disciples of the USA, there would be so much more righteousness, love and hope in the USA. Sadly, many pastors have drifted away to Satan’s trap,” said a pastor.

When people ask: How many Christians are in the USA? They are amazed how Christians outnumber all others explain political analysts.


“If one read the mainstream news they paint the picture that Christians are so few, but that is another mainstream news lie. The reason is they are often against Christians. Fox news is owned by a Muslim as one of the top owners who says that he helps Fox say things for Muslims – which means against Christians,” said an Independent voter.

Fox is known to call pastors who follow Jesus Christ as an “anti-gay pastor”. Fox is also promotes homosexual and other sexual sins instead of what God our Judge says in the Holy Bible.

“I can’t watch the mainstream news. Beside working against Christians, Fox promotes arguing and division. Many are yelling back and forth, cutting each other off, or some are dressed looking like a harlot by wearing an immodest skirt. Fox News is ungodly,” said a pastor.

“When I think: How many Christians are in the USA? I am encouraged to know there are so many. This gives Americans hope for a revival,” said a businessman.

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  1. This article was not only informative but encouraging. HOPE in Jesus is what keeps us at the head & not the tail…..good article, thank you

    April 20, 2014 at 11:18 am

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