3D Printing Guns – A Printable Gun in the Future?

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Is it possible to print a 3D gun at home? Researches are working on the technology for a printable gun with a 3 dimensional printer.

Many Americans are concerned with unlawful attacks on the USA’s Constitution, form the First Amendment attacks on our Christian Founding Fathers right to Christian liberty to attacks on the Second Amendment to own a gun as an American. Wanting to keep his Second Amendment rights a designer in this AP video talks about making a 3D gun at home, or a printable gun.

In the future one could download a gun design and with a three-dimensional printer print the gun using plastics and other materials. Then  shortly thereafter the gun could be used.

“All Americans should speak up for our Constitution so the USA is a nation of laws, not lawlessness. God calls for righteousness and justice. Our Christian liberty and a printable gun are part of the Constitution that George Washington gave us,” said an independent voter.

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