Violent Homosexuals Attack Christians in Seattle

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It is one more episode of violent homosexuals attacking Christians. It happened in Seattle and was caught on a disturbing video of lawlessness. The Seattle “gay pride” attendees attacked two Christian preachers.

Would these homosexuals also attack Jesus Christ, George Washington, John Jay, Abraham Lincoln and our Founding Fathers for teaching God’s Word about righteousness and sin?

Other episodes of violent homosexuals have been under-reported by the mainstream media.

Americans want the police to treat this crime more seriously.

“I am concerned about the violence and the police only arresting one person. The Seattle homosexual violence shows that we need to vote only for Christians to have security and protection,” said a Christian.

God Marriage ProtestCritics of the homosexuals believe that the homosexuals oppose our Founding Fathers who obeyed God with Christian laws. As a Christian, George Washington said he had “abhorrence and detestation” for the “infamous crimes” of sodomy and court martialled homosexuals from the military so God would bless the military. Historians point out that every generation of Americans have looked down on homosexual sin. Analysts say the mainstream news opposing God is a big part of the problem.

“It is sad but Barack Obama, Star Bucks, the Boy Scouts and the Supreme Court are part of the blame for the attacks on Christians. They keep disobeying God. Romans 1:30 says those disobeying God are ‘haters of God’. What will happen to their souls eternally for rejecting God? Scripture teaches to turn away from those opposing God,” said a pastor.

Others are calling for Christians, including pastors, to speak up more boldly to live holy lives. 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 teach that that unrepentant sinners don’t go to Heaven. Many Christians are praying to God to protect Christians. As Jesus said they are praying for His Kingdom to come and His will of holiness to be done in the USA, so Americans will be blessed.

Some see homosexual violence as a major threat to liberty.


The Supreme Court has dropped to it’s lowest approval rating since it disobeyed God by ruling against DOMA and Proposition 8.

Christians and churches are boycotting Star Bucks and the Boy Scouts for ignoring God’s Word on sin and eternal judgment. Christians in business have been persecuted in Washington and elsewhere, including in schools.

What the Holy Bible Says
Bible scholars show that there is hope for Americans in obeying God with God’s Marriage of one man and one woman because God draws near to those who draw near to Him. The Holy Bible says that God removes homosexual societies in His judgment. History proves God’s judgment as no homosexual societies remain.  Bible passages to study about God’s judgment are Jude 7, 2 Peter 2:6, Leviticus 18:25 and Romans 1:24-31.

Jesus taught repentance to sinners. Before He died on the cross for our sins, the Saviour of mankind said, “Repent and believe in the Gospel” (Mark 1:15).

Under-reported Homosexual Law Breaking and Other News
If you have listened to the mainstream news then you may not be aware what is going on. Homosexuals have been making false “hate crime” reports and violence.  Homosexual Daniel Sarno sent 300 threatening messages, including death threats.

Then there is lesbian Charlie Rogers who lied about a “hate crime”. Here is another story where Joseph Baken, a homosexual, hurt himself and then lied it was a “hate crime”.

Then there is the one story partially covered by the mainstream news, the homosexual who had the FRC shooting. There is also the homosexual violence on Chik Fil-A for believing what God and our Founding Fathers believe on God’s marriage.

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  1. Gay people are angry because they know their wrong. And their afraid of the thruth.

    Betty Obrien
    July 6, 2013 at 5:25 am

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