Americans Held Without Trial – Federal Court Overturns NDAA Indefinite Detention Injunction

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Christian liberty USABarack Obama has done many things against the Christian liberty that Americans love. Many believe that other than Obama’s attacks on God, perhaps the worst thing that Obama has done is NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) indefinite detention.

NDAA indefinite detention attacks God’s unalienable rights to have a trial by jury. NDAA indefinite detention is also against the Constitution, which was written based on the Holy Bible – including for two or three witnesses so a tyrannical government couldn’t make up accusations against the citizens and put them in jail without a trial.

NDAA Indefinite Detention – Americans Held Without a Jury Trial
Today it was announced that the Second Circuit court overturned a temporary injunction blocking the NDAA indefinite detention provision – it was said to be based on a lack of standing, the Tenth Amendment Center reported. Like Hitler did with Germans, the unjust ruling allows Obama to take Americans away and hold them without a jury trial.

United States District Court Judge Katherine B. Forrest ruled that the NDAA indefinite detention provision was unconstitutional and blocked it in 2012. Obama appealed and now the block has been overturned. What the mainstream media hid from Americans in 2012 is that both Obama and Mitt Romney said they want indefinite detention of Americans.

Christian presidential contenders Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Virgil Goode and Alan Keyes all oppose NDAA indefinite detention.

“93 Senators voted for NDAA indefinite detention, which shows the need to only vote for Christians who rule in the fear of God and understand that the USA is a Republic in all elections,” said a Tea Party activist.

“The America I love is a nation that puts Jesus Christ first in government, schools, courts and the military. That is the only way for Americans to have liberty said our Founding Fathers,” explained a church accountant.

Brandon Raub
In 2012 Brandon Raub, a veteran, was taken away and put in a pysch ward without a warrant or by a trial by jury – because he objected to Obama on the Internet.

Turning to God is the Answer
Bible scholars explain that the real problem is the sins in America that have resulted in God’s judgment. A classic example of this is seen in Nehemiah 9:32-38, where God’s people suffer harshly by corrupt leaders until they call out to God and renew their covenant to serve the Lord. Pastor Steven Andrew is asking Americans to re-affirm covenant, which he believes will cause God to raise up Christians to replace Obama and the anti-God Congress members. He believes that the real problem in the USA is a battle between God and those against God, not the false right and left battle dividing the USA.

To re-affirm covenant, the pastor asks Americans to prayerfully declare:

“Father, the USA follows You, the Lord – We seek You and obey the Holy Bible with all our hearts. Jesus is our King. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

Then he asks Americans to remove the abominations against God (foreign gods, the lie of “separation of church and state”, taking the Holy Bible and Christian prayer out of schools, abortion, homosexual sin, serving Mammon…).


He is president of USA Christian Ministries and author of “Making A Strong Christian Nation”, and is working to bring Americans hope through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. On Wednesdays he leads prayer and fasting across the USA for Americans to love God. He asks churches to join on Wednesdays. The pastor gave this prayer on his Facebook page today:

Father, You are the only One Who can help Americans. We pray for eyes to open and see that the only way to heal our nation is to put Jesus Christ first in our homes, government, schools, courts and military. Relying on political parties and our own ways failed. In God we trust! In Jesus’ name. Amen. Matt 6:33, Is 33:22

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