Judge Grants Hobby Lobby Exemption to Obamacare Abortion

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HobbylobbyForcing people to act against their conscience is one of the greatest evils possible. That is why there is good news for the Christian owners of Hobby Lobby, who want to follow God. A federal judge, U.S. District Judge Joe Heaton, exempted Hobby Lobby from the Obamacare provision that requires companies to provide insurance coverage for the morning-after abortion pill and abortion birth control or be fined excessively, WBRZ reported.

Jesus Christ says, “You shall not murder” in Matthew 5:21. A big question those concerned about their soul ask is: What will happen to my soul if I help abort children? Another question is: How can I sin against God?

“This is a huge win for Americans. We have God’s unalienable rights. So many Americans want to follow God. If Obama wants to go to hell, that’s his choice. The Bible says Obama has a warped mind,” said a business owner.

Romans 1 teaches of the dangers of  a reprobate mind. This is where when a person refuses to obey God, then God gives them over to depraved mind. Bible scholars say that Obama has all the signs of a  reprobate mind, with foreign gods, abortion, covetousness and homosexual sin. Every act is judged by God. The righteous go to Heaven, but the wicked go to hell for eternity.

The case is stayed until October 1, 2013. Obama is thought to appeal. However, millions of Americans hope there will be a special election for President as Obama has been filled with scandal after scandal, including staging the Zimmerman 2012 protests that made national news.

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