Police Arrest Impeach Obama Protesters


Tea Party SignPolice are arresting peaceful Obama protesters at Impeach Obama protests, also known as Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment. One example is the arrest of two Impeach Obama protesters in St. Charles, Missouri that is getting national attention.

What is causing outrage is the peaceful protesters concerned about the USA ask what law are they citing for arrest. However, the police refuse to cite a law that was broken, but act like a police state and forcibly arrest the apparently innocent protesters.

This video shows the arrest, which is a violation of First Amendment rights.

Americans still remember that Obama had the rodeo clown wearing a mask of Obama and the organizer lose their job for their Obama clown skit. This also is a violation of the First Amendment.

Obama and Joe Biden are known for helping the Occupy protests that disrupted cities, caused major building damages and had huge garbage wastes with raw sewage left in buildings and parks. But the Obama police didn’t stop the protests.

Two of the Impeach Obama protesters were arrested and one was charged with resisting arrest at a Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment protest.

For their privacy they are going by “Survival Doc” and “Mark M.” They wrote, “Did he resist arrest? You be the judge. Oh, and they never read us our Miranda Rights. We spent 24 hours in the St. Charles Count Jail with Missouri Hwy Trooper Jenkins acting as judge, jury and executioner.”

Americans are outraged that police are arresting Impeach Obama protesters and violating their First Amendment rights.

“Arresting Impeach Obama protesters is tyranny. We need a Christian Government. Non-Christian government is harming Americans. We need Christian police. Arresting Impeach Obama protesters is hypocritical. Obama uses the IRS to target political opponents and lies about Benghazi with Clinton. We need to call on God. In God we trust,” said an Obama protester.

The Holy Bible says to choose Christian leaders who fear God so God will bless Americans for obeying His Word (Exodus 18:21, 2 Corinthians 6:14-18, Luke 22:26).


The Obama police state had veteran Brandon Raub unlawfully arrested for stating his First Amendment rights opposing Obama.

Some of the 1972 Miami Dolphins refused to meet Obama at the White House because of Obama’s corruption.

The Impeach Obama videographer said this about the Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment police arrest, “I am the videographer of this video and the activist who was arrested wearing the yellow t-shirt. Near the end, as a cop had my left hand in a handcuff behind my back I am holding the camera in my right hand and as the cop is reaching for my right hand I pass the camera off to Constitution Kim who finishes the recording documenting my arrest.”

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