DOJ Hides Fast and Furious Truth; Blocks Whistle-blower Book ‘The Unarmed Truth’

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Constitution, obama congressWhen will Americans know the truth about Operation Fast and Furious? John Dodson, the whistle-blowing ATF agent who tried to stop Barack Obama’s and Eric Holder’s Fast and Furious, where 2,000 guns were sold by Obama to Mexican drug cartels that killed Americans, was denied permission to write a book called “The Unarmed Truth,” Fox News reported.

The Constitution says that there is free speech and freedom of the press. A key reason is to prevent tyrannical government.

Fast and Furious Just One of Many Scandals
Many want Barack Obama and Eric Holder removed because of Fast and Furious. Then there are the other Obama scandals that are worse than Watergate, such as Benghazi were Obama and Hillary Clinton lied to Americans to help Muslims, the IRS scandal were Obama targeted his political opponents with the IRS, NSA spying on Americans in violation of God’s unalienable rights and the Constitution, and other scandals.

DOJ Blocks Fast and Furious Truth Because It is Bad on Morale
The reason given for the Obama DOJ to block Dodson from telling the truth to Americans was “because it would have a negative impact on morale,” according to Fox News.

“What is the best book on Fast and Furious? It sounds like the best book is ‘The Unarmed Truth’,” said a military family member.


Pastors say that the reason Obama has a reputation for dishonesty is from Obama’s reprobate mind from all of Obama’s sin, such as promoting without shame abortion and homosexual sin. They say to read Romans 1 in the Holy Bible.

“Whistle-blowers who stand up for Americans are looked down on by Obama. There is John Dodson, the ATF whistle-blower who Obama is trying to stop from writing a Fast and Furious truth book, and the ATF acting director, Todd Jones, who threatened whistleblowers, said a businessman.

‘The Unarmed Truth’ Set for January Release
Dodson went to Congress after the December 2010 death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, where two ATF guns were found at the scene that killed Terry; Dodson says that “The Unarmed Truth” will be released in January regardless of the ATF’s permission, according to Fox News.

Across the USA Christians are crying out to God daily for a Christian Government to immediately replace Obama and those disobeying God. “The Fast and Furious cover up shows the urgency of calling on God. We need a Christian Government like our Founding Fathers,” said a graphics artist praying daily. The prayer is based on Judges 3:9 and Joel 2:17.

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