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Would you agree that in the USA, our God given unalienable rights mean something? Our Founding Fathers said the press had to be free to be able to tell the public the truth. Many believe the “mainstream media” is owned and rigged by people who stifle the press and don’t want the truth told.

Freedom of Speech
In the USA our Constitution gives Americans freedom of speech. Many journalists live in fear of losing their jobs and as a consequence don’t report on important topics that might “upset” the powers that be.

Shaping Our Minds
The media has the power to shape our minds. If we continue to believe what we see and hear, if we don’t ask critical questions, and if we just lay down, we will lose everything our Founding Fathers fought for. The truth is America is at stake. There is a colossal need for freedom in American media. Will you help restore truth in media? Will you give, now? USA NEWS FIRST will not fail. Your support will help us do more, unbridled and courageously sharing the truth.

Unlike “Mainstream News”, USA NEWS FIRST isn’t funded by anti-USA groups or the “government”.

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